About us

Usnjeni izdelki Pavli, Mihael Pavli s.p. is a family-owned leather goods company with a long tradition. We have been producing artisan leather goods since 1968. Our company has been well known in Slovenian fashion circles for many years, especially for our premium quality leather handbags for women.

We achieve this through meticulous craftsmanship, production in small batches and by using high quality materials. We design our own products in order to ensure a unique combination of attractive form and practical use. We have received several awards for our premium products from leather guild associations.


All of our leather accessories are made in our workshop in small batches using high quality materials. We also make unique personalised products. We invest a lot of manual work and always employ a personal touch in the making of our products, which are distinguished by their premium quality and a combination of durability and attractive design.

All of our products are made by the artisans working in our company. Although we follow the ever-changing fashion trends, the basis of each of our designs is a long life and a timeless look. For this purpose, we use only the highest quality materials in our manufacture. The most important material is leather, which we personally buy from renowned tanneries. By choosing interesting patterns, colours and refinements, we ensure that our products have a distinctive, recognisable look.

Our extensive range of leather accessories is continually updated to reflect the development and growth of our manufacture. Our products include handbags, wallets, belts and various kinds of cases.

We are proud of our leather products, because they are very durable and make you look good on any occasion. We stand behind our quality products!